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Hello there Sprousers, I’ve just found this nice article about Cole Sprouse and his co-star and friend from The Suite Life On Deck, by Twist magazine check it out:

Cole Sprouse is an amazing photographer, and he’s found himself a stylish muse! Debby Ryan shared a stunning new black and white photo of herself on Instagram, and revealed that it was actually shot by her former Suite Life On Deck co-star Cole!

Debby ryan cole sprouse

Debby ryan

We’ve always loved Cole and Debby’s friendship, so we think it’s awesome that they are still close. Plus, Cole totally captured Debby’s edgy nose piercing and cool outfit in this pic, so we obviously love the portrait.


Hey everybody sorry I’m a little late posting but I had things to do, that kept me busy all day but here it is Dylan Sprouse’s Video/Interview on enjoy he has very interesting things to say, that all his fans would love to hear check it out!

Ask a Grown Man: Dylan Sprouse

“Take a breath—eat a Kit Kat,” and other A+ life tips.

Chances are, you know Dylan Sprouse from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, on which he and his real-life twin, Cole, played adorable brothers. WHAT A HUGE STRETCH, RIGHT? The guys took a break from TV stardom to go to New York University. They graduate in May, and Dylan dropped some hints to us that this means we’ll probably be seeing way more of them soon, which, YEY. He also made us this rad video, in which he answers advice questions about obsessive crushes, being friends with exes, insecurity, and more…and bashes the Rugrats movie, which, CONTROVERSY ALERT. For more of this Super Sprouse Bro., follow him on Twitter, Tumblr, and/or Instagram. Thanks, Dylan! ?




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