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COLE’S PHOTOGRAPHY | Dylan and Cole Sprouse Fan Site Sprouseland.com
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The Sprouse Bros appart from being amazing actors, they also have other great talents we all know about

Cole Mitchell Sprouse opened his own website http://www.colesprousephotography.com/ designed especially for all those who loves photography as an art form. Please visit it and enjoy his amazing work.

This page, has been created to support Cole’s passsion as photographer also, as a way to encourage all The Sprouse Fans Community to show their photography skills and if you feel like sharing some of your best artistic photographs we’ll be happy to post them here. 

-Laura (Sprouseland’s Webmaster)

 Slideshow and Photographies by Charlotte Wescott

 By Catherine @catherinearts on Twitter

                                                         Candles by Julian Shepherd Thanks very nice photo!

Amazing view of The Empire State Building half covered by fog and some men riding camels taken in NYC and India respectively by Charlotte Wescott thanks!!

                                                                       Two nice photos taken by Christopher Teese

                                                                        Photos by Ernydee thank you very much!

                                                                 By Kennedy Henriquez very nice photos thanks

Nice photo by David @colesprousefan2 thanks!

                                                                                       By Leandro these are really good!

                                                                            These photos are by Ashley Rollman thanks!


karissabluerose21 says:

Wow I did the same but I quit so don’t and
Never give up and don’t quit it
I love picture and sweet 🙂

clangclaire says:

Hello.. i really admire dylan and cole.they both have passion in art

Laura says:

Hey sissacoledylan123 No, unfortunately I haven’t yet…but hopefully i will soon

-Laura (Sprouseland’s Webmaster)

sissacoledylan123 says:

Hey Laura,
Quick question, have you ever met Dylan and Cole, I know it doesn’t have anything to do with me but I’m curious. See, I love their work, especially their TV programs!

Thanks x

catbernadette says:

I want to meet them so bad! ;(

marina21 says:

VERY NICE photos!!***

Krissy18 says:

Thanks Laura! Aw, I wasn’t worried, just curious lol. Maybe once the site is updated we can see some photos of his work in archaeology ( depending if he took pictures or has no reached that level in school yet)

Laura says:

Hey Krissy18! Probably because the site is getting modified or something i wouldn’t get worried about it Cole might be working on something

-Laura (Sprouseland’s Webmaster)

Krissy18 says:

Hey Laura

I know this is a random question but I was wondering, how come Cole’s photography website is not found?
When i checked it last night, apparently there have been a few things that have been changed, added or deleted. Although, the pictures he had taken last year and the year before that are still there. Anyways, do you know if he is planning to delete it or is just updating it for future projects?


dylansno1fan says:

they are amazng cole <3

theo says:

really nice photography pictures i like them

jwille says:

There is some great talent out there. The pictures posted are really great!

I wonder who the kid is. Haha. 😉

Cole, I think it’s great how you are doing something that is your passion, as for ALL of your work I Give it 5 stars and 2 thumbs up! And I also wanted to say not only as your #1 fan but as a fellow photographer that you have inspired me to push further on in photography. Thanks!

Mayrawwe says:

WOW.!! cody has the same intrest as i do. photography

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