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5. Admin | Dylan and Cole Sprouse Fan Site Sprouseland.com
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5. Admin

Admin-related news and policy changes

Hello Guys for some strange reason; there is a lot of weird people all over the internet who likes to pretend to be someone else this time, someone is posing as Cole Sprouse on Youtube; and also under Sprouseland’s name making people to believe is “The Official Sprouseland” Youtube channel. watch out everyone cause IS NOT!!

I consider this is important because i don’t want any of you Dylan and Cole’s fans and Sprouseland’s visitors to get fooled by this person. I already reported him/her on Youtube safety page, but it would help a lot if you guys out there give me a hand to get rid of this new poser.

Please remember Dylan and Cole Sprouse DO NOT have any Youtube account and obviously that IS NOT “The Official Sprouseland” channel either. The only and real Sprouseland’s channel on youtube you can find it on our Similar Site box to the right.




Thank you so much!

-Laura (Sprouseland’s Webmaster)


We’re really excited to announce that Sprouseland.com has a forum!!!

Go join it!  All you have to do is register to start posting and create threads 🙂

We’re working on it to make it better every day for you.

Sprouseland.com just got more than 1000 unique visitors (doesn’t count repeated visits of the same IP) in a single day! These are not server hits, these are real fans!

That, with almost 4000 page views, its a big milestone for our modest website.

Visitors and impressions since inception

Visitors and impressions since inception

Thank you all Dylan and Cole Sprouse Fans, you are the most important reason why we stay online!

Users must be registered and logged to comment. This is just to avoid spam from illegitimate users.

Feel free to register, y’all Sprouse fans! You guys are great and you are who really keep this community alive. Thanks.

Dear real visitors:

Posting comments (you) and approving them (us) might be one of the most enjoyable tasks of any blogger, but here in Sprouseland it’s become a pain having to deal with huge amounts of spam, and when I say huge, I am talking about THOUSANDS of bot-generated comments per week, stealing our bandwidth, script-processing power and admin time. From now on, in order to post comments, real users will have to take a simple visual challenge (CAPTCHA). We apologize for any inconvenience, but this is important for our sanity and our ability to keep this website working properly. Thanks a lot for your continued support and keep helping us position Sprouseland as THE MOST COMPLETE and INTERACTIVE Dylan Sprouse-Cole Sprouse fan site on the internet.


Hey Everybody I`d like to tell you one more time this is a fan site WE’RE NOT COLE AND DYLAN SPROUSE the reason that I am telling you guys this AGAIN it’s cause most of the fans who come to this site are confused. This is a fan site I created as a way to promote Dylan and Cole’s careers and for their fans to have another source of information about them.

I also want to say thank you so much for all the nice comments about Sprouseland and if your comments hasn`t been post yet we`re sorry guys it`s cause we really get so many and we can`t approve all of them at the same time. But your comments will be eventually post soon.

Another thing i`d like to tell you some people gets on this site claimimg to be Dylan and Cole well remember theres thousands of POSERS all over the internet and it`s really confusing so please be carefull AND THIS IS A WARNING FOR POSERS: IF SOMEBODY IS POSING DYLAN AND COLE ON HERE WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE CAUSE THEIR IP ADRESSES ARE THE SAME ONES EVEN SO IF YOU CHANGE YOUR NAMES SO YOU BETTER DONT DO IT PLEASE. All the official informations about the Real Cole and Dylan Sprouse you can find it on:




Or on Cole and Dylan`s official MySpaces:



The Comments on this site are moderate by the admistrator please be patient if your comments takes a little longer get post. Dylan and Cole`s fans are always welcome to keep enjoying the information and pics on Sprouseland.com Thank you guys for your support.

Now please enjoy the pic 🙂

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