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“If I knew what (that meant) then I’d be on top of that, but I really don’t”

“Its really not hard to stay out of trouble, see thats the thing what people don’t understand those kids that do, do drugs it’s easy to stay out of that!”

“It’s great to be out of our cage — I mean Out of our house”

“I’m really hungry, save me”

“I’d like for you to say to them, I have been to the year 4000” (About The Jonas Brothers)

“I’m too sexy for the catwalk, I’m to sexy for my shirt.. But I’m not going to take it off”

“It’s something every actor wants to do. You want to have your name written on this earth for everybody to see. That’s just something you want.”

“Its all in the drool. You need emotion behind the drool.” [About acting as a infant]

“All of our friends have always been older then us so now we can finally say hey we’re up with you guys now”

“He’s actually pretty skilled about his 4 little paws” (About Bubba’s typing)

“I’m going to kick Cole’s butt in Super Smash Brothers”

“If they weren’t pictures of me, I would definitely download one”(Talking about wallpapers)

“Pretty Much nothing to do! I wanna go home and see my bubba” (singing)

“There is a lot of very pretty celebrity women out there, but I specially perfer the grandma from ‘the others’ “

“I swear it wasnt me!!”

“Are we even allowed to go into the mini bar?”

“We’re living single, and we’re living large !!”

“We were born, and then walked into acting kind of thing”

“I wish I was there !!! “

“Knock..Knock.. (who’s there) Ivan, (Ivan Who?) Ivan having a awful headache since Godzilla Stepped on me”

“For now on, his name is him!” (Talking about Cole)

“We pooped or pee’d our way into Hollywood”

“Their my friends there not faking!”

“Just Meeting Mary-Kate and Ashley all together, I think anybody would be nervous, it’s hard to imagine what to say to them”

“We like to keep it on the down low”

“You are so weird. I mean I feel weird just sitting here right now”

“Hey, I smell better then you do”


“You were acting very feminine just now”

“Hello?? Hello? umm hellooooooooooo”

“Yea Sure, but It’s gonna cost you”

“yes! Its Still Me “

“But Theres One Thing, I like Pokemon not Digimon, and my favorite color is orange not yellow”

“I’ll have the chicken Marsla please” (at a hotdog stand)

“I think it’s a Spaghetti Bowl or A Salad Bowl Or A Broccoli Bowl”

“moms calling me”

“We had a lot of fun”

“I played football with him”

“Adam’s a big kid , just like us”

“a double double part of Regis”

“I want to be Pikachu”

“I don’t like to eat a lot of candy all at once. It makes you sick.”

“We came out As Aliens”


“He’s got a booger in his nose”

“I lost four teeth pulled them out with pliers”

“Are you a weirdo? Cole, are you a weirdo?”


“I’m not cole!! Goodness Gracious, do you have another little twin!!”

“Wow, why was that song in your head” (To dylan when he’s randomly singing)

“I thought you said erotic! “

“Ok Im being weird, I better stop YAHH!!!”

“They think we’re feisty sex pots!”

“Don’t worry. I dont bite. Or maybe I will”

“Being 5 feet tall makes you stream line”

“It was very enjoyable yes. I loved handling the animal poop”

“One time a guy mistaked me for a girl and that was Not cool ya’ll!”

“Reading about history really makes me bored.. It’s like I really dont wanna learn.”

“You know your only gonna be kids once and then your going to be adults for the rest of your life, so you might as well be kids while your a kid”

“Give me a hoorah! hoorah!”

“We were still drooling”

“We started when we were babies.. Yeahhhh”

“It was like twin energy memory psychic type thing, except with 4 people”

“I was extremly nervous, I was shaking on the car ride over” (about meeting the Olsens)

“My Pants are falling down !!” (Martin Short Show)

“Don’t forget to bring your undies!”

“Maybe, if we think hard enough we can communicate with him!”

“Yeah I finally feel like a man” (About turning 13)

“Well, 40 bucks a month cant really get you a trampoline”

“At least I wear deodorant”

“Sometimes I feel like I have Psychic powers you know?”

“Why are you laughing the cameras on me!”

“Im not like Ben’s character, well kinda cause Ben’s sometimes a prankster, and im always a prankster”

“I’d like to thank friends, for letting me do this – its been cool”

“My favorite cast member to do scenes was is Jennifer, cause she’s HOT!”

“Yea That One Was Kinda Ummm”

“Remember In Big Daddy I said “I wipe my own a** and I was Only 6!”

“I’m on the top of the world”

“What? No, not all the time”

“Cool name,COLE. Haahaahaahaaaaaaa” “HI COLE! ITS COLE”

“Ho Ho Ho” “Merry Christmas and thanks to everyone who sent me a xmas card”

“For my birthday I went to Las Vegas with my family it was a lot of fun”

“Hi back at you”

“You re too sweet”

“I do, I have a girlfriend and, it’s my own TV”

“Do we have to be a newspaper boy?”

“Whatever you did when you were ten”

“We memorized his lines”

“Cole says his favorite episode of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” is Commercial Breaks because of all the action in it”



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