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Cole Sprouse:

Cole Mitchell Sprouse, was born in Arezzo, Italy, on August 4th, 15 min after his twin bro Dylan, in a small hospital called Clinica Tanganeli; Cole and his brother were delivered by a Midwife called Señora Maggie who had hand-delivered half the town since World War II.

Cole’s facts:

Color: Black

Dessert: Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter ice cream

Pizza toping: Bacon bits

Arcade Game: Marvel vs Capcom

Breakfast Cereal: Frosted Mini-Wheats

Cole is currently studying Archaeology at the NYU


Dylan Sprouse:

Dylan Thomas Sprouse was born on August 4th, 15 minutes before Cole; he’s the older twin, likes surfing, snowboarding, playing video games, walking his dog Bubba, and pretty much anything that is fun to do.

Dylan’s facts:

Color: Orange

Dessert: Chocolate Chips Ice Cream

Pizza Topping: Pepperoni

Breakfast Cereal: Cookie Crisp

Dylan is currently studying Video Games Design at the NYU


karissabluerose21 says:

Hey I like all of those just tell me
What you want in a girl I might just have it?

dylan12cole says:

You guys are the best….

dylancoleunite says:

DYLAN and COLE unite! 😉

dylancoleunite says:

I love you, butt I dont, butt I do

tomdylancole says:

dylan and cole youareamzing you are the best

hokevin says:

l am your fans!
Your guys are so handsome and smart

i love dylan and cole although i will not mind going on a date with one of them <3

i love sack and cody..although i would not mind going on a date with one of them <3

colesprousefan1 says:

I’m a big fan of u guys when on your brakes such as summer brake u should make more of the suite life or movies

Peace482 says:

I think stars are just normal people who are known world wide. Really not much different from people who arn’t famous.

Nurbanu says:

I’m dying or you are so sweet I love you is human 🙂

handoko says:

Huh… Cole and Dylan are Europeans? Didn’t expected that…

handoko says:

@sprouse rules, everyone can be famous if they want to. The only thing you’ll need is luck. When you wanna be a singer, why not trying to join a talent show? Like the Voice of America?

sprouse rules says:

I am bored and I don’t know what to do so I am putting comments on here. Its not that I don’t like you guys. Its just that im bored. I LOVE you guys so much that I would scream if u came and visited me.

sprouse rules says:

I don’t really think of stars as stars. I think of them as normal people. Like you guys. I think of you guys as just normal people. Although you are famous, im just thinking of you guys as normal people that end up on tv and magazines. But you guys are famous and it bugs me that im not. I don’t deserve to be famous because I can’t act. I want to be a singer but I don’t think that I can sing.

sprouse rules says:

I would die if I met u guys. I might not though. No one really comes over to las cruses new Mexico. Right now I am in south Dakota and it looks awesome!!! Me and my parents flew to Kansas city. Then we drove to Nebraska. Now we are driving to yangton, I think that’s how u spell it, in south Dakota.

sprouse rules says:

U guys r the best actors that I’ve ever seen and I love u even more than bridgit meddler. She is my number one fav star but u guys just topped the charts!!!!! I luv u guys!!!!

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