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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Dylan Sprouse posted a link on Twitter to his most recent interview for Awaken Of The North, he talked about many topics that you guys may find interesting check it out:

Welcome today to this*Special Edition *broadcast/interview with Dylan Sprouse and Andrew Stephenson of Awaken The North (ATN)! This is definitely a broadcast that you will not want to miss, and will want to download and share as widely as possible!

In this episode Andrew and I talk to Dylan Sprouse and hear his point of view as an open Asatruar along with some of the challenges that he has faced and does face. We also get the opportunity to hear about some of his future plans. This is one of the very few episodes that we will be releasing both here on the RSS feed, and on our satellite YouTube channel. You can look for the release of the video version of this broadcast this evening around 7 PM GMT 7 time.

This is a powerful episode that started out in our plans as an interview, but while keeping some of the elements of an interview turned into a main broadcast! We know that you will enjoy this and also benefit from a whether you have been on this path for a short time or a long time.

Feel free as well to subscribe to our RSS feed which is linked prominently on our Main website via the Podbean APP as well as links on our podcast server site if you are reading this post. Hail to each and everyone of you!


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