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Monthly Archives: July 2014

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Cole Sprouse just posted a new tweet informing his fans about their new upcoming US-Japan Tour so you lucky Sprousers from Japan so hurry up! mark your calendars and join our wonderful boys in this new venture!!



About 2014 US-Japan Discovery Tour
We are pleased to annouce you US-Japan Discovery Tour 2014 from August 7th to 21st in Japan!!

As you may know already, the tour last year successfully reached out and inspired over 2000 Japanese younger generation face to face as well as millions of people through our social media such as Facebook and Twitter and our official sites. We had many supporters and fans who have participated and have not participated our tour last year actually inquired us if we could do again this year so we are back for you!

This year’s tour will include one more guest Nia Lyte, co-founder of the Koyamada Foundation in addition to your familiar faces such as Dylan & Cole Srouse and Shin Koyamada. They will visit¬†Tokyo,¬†Miyagi,¬†Kyoto,Nara, Okayama,¬†Fukuoka,¬†Nagasaki,¬†Kagoshima¬†and¬†Okinawa¬†for wonderful talk shows for fans and supporters, meet and greet with local key people, American Nights and sightseeings That’s right! The tour this year is actually 4 days longer than last year and include new locations.

Japanese official site of the US-Japan Discovery Tour 2014 –¬†

SCHEDULE: August 7th ~ August 21st, 2014

Aug 7th Tokyo Arriving at Haneda Airport
Meet & Greet
Aug 8th Tokyo 1:00pm ~ 3:00pm –¬†Talk show¬†@¬†Aeon Mall Makuhari¬†(Free)
7:00pm ~ 9:00pm –¬†Tokyo American Night¬†@¬†Kaihin Makuhari The B
Aug 9th Miyagi Sightseeing
Aug 10th Kyoto Sightseeing
Aug 11th Kyoto 1:30pm ~ 3:00pm: Talk show @ Horikawa High School of Music (Free)
6:00pm ~ 8:00pm: Kyoto American Night @ Furtune Garden
Aug 12th Nara Sightseeing
Aug 13th Okayama Sightseeing
6:00pm ~ 8:30pm: Okayama American Night @ Hayashibara Museum
Aug 14th Okayama Sightseeing
5:30pm ~ 8:00pm: Talk show @ Hayashibara Museum (Free)
Aug 15th Fukuoka TBA: Talk show @ TBA
TBA: Fukuoka American Night @ TBA
Aug 16th Nagasaki Sightseeing
Aug 17th Kagoshima Sightseeing
2:30pm ~ 5:00pm: Nia Talk @ Kagoshima Sougo Shinyoukinko (Free)
5:30pm ~ 9:00pm: Kagoshima American Night @ Porto Casa
Aug 18th Kagoshima Sightseeing @ Yakushima Island
Aug 19th Okinawa Sightseeing
Aug 20th Okinawa Sightseeing
1:00pm ~ 3:00pm: Talk show @ Aeon Mall Haebaru (Free)
6:00pm ~ 9:00pm: Okinawa American Night @ Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel
Aug 21st Okinawa Sightseeing
Leaving to Los Angeles
TALK SHOW BROSHURE (click images below to download)


CONNECT WITH US: Feel Free To Share!

Twitter accounts;–¬†Dyla Sprouce:¬†@DylanSprouse

РCole Sprouse: @ColeSprouse

РShin Koyamada: @ShinKoyamada

РNia Lyte: @NiaLyte

РKIF Japan: @kif_japan

Facebook accounts;
РKoyamada Foundation: @KoyamadaFoundation

РKoyamada International Foundation JAPAN: @SKFJapan

РKoyamada International Foundation KYOTO: @SKFKyoto

РKoyamada International Foundation OSAKA: @SKFOsaka

РKoyamada International Foundation OKAYAMA: @Okayama

РKoyamada International Foundation FUKUOKA: @SKFFukuoka

РKoyamada International Foundation KAGOSHIMA: @SKFKagoshima

– Koyamada International Foundation OKINAWA:@SKFOkinawa

Tour Route:
Foot Step
coming soon
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