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Message From Dylan and Cole Sprouse Ambassadors Of SKF!! | Dylan and Cole Sprouse Fan Site Sprouseland.com
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A Message From SKF International Ambasadors,

Knowing where you fit in this grand world comes from learning those laws and forces at constant work around you. Understanding cultures, both local and foreign, is to understand the world. There is no greater education than a cultural one, for it prepares you to approach any unknown situation bravely and with confidence. Travel and education is a privilege reserved from many, and a privilege that should not be taken for granted.

A foreign culture needs to be taught or experienced if you are to truly understand it. At first, a foreign civilization can seem strange and unknown, even scary. Only by learning about it can you come to a resolution with its actions, its forces, its strengths, and its weaknesses. Knowing foreign cultures is to better know future allies and enemies, for resolving the fear of meeting that culture only comes from understanding it. To train yourself in the knowing of another culture is to train yourself in the discourse of peace. Only in a comprehensive understanding of all the angles of a story, can a beneficial compromise be reached. To remain ignorant, when so much information is available to you, is entirely up to you. You have the ability to learn all about this world, so what’s you excuse?

We partnered with SKF with these notions present in our minds. To expand our horizons through education and travel, while simultaneously preaching our beliefs to you, our peers. During our trip through Japan we learned so much about the culture, but also so much about ourselves. Only through our other can we truly understand ourselves. Not defining ourselves by our differences, but rather, compiling our similarities to benefit us all. As twins, this idea holds well for us, and we thank you for your support and time! We hope to see you all sometime again!

The world is large, let’s make it smaller.


Dylan & Cole Sprouse

Source: http://koyamada.org/


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