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Monthly Archives: September 2013

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A very interesting, article posted just now by NYULOCAL.COM about the ridiculous over reactions and sensationalists headlines on media websites and magazines about Dylan Sprouse’s new job as a host at a restaurant in NYC please read carefully

From Sprouseland.com we’d like to point out that Dylan Sprouse deserves our absolutely admiration and respect not to be criticized for doing what any other normal person would do.


This weekend, local tabloid fixture and NYU student Dylan Sprouse took to Tumblr to defend himself from criticism. His crime? Oh, the dude working and people took photos of him on the job. 

Access Hollywood concerned-trolled the hell of the story, with the lede suggesting the photos were “spawning stories claiming the former “Suite Life” star was in dire financial straits.” Spawning. Like tadpoles! Really, this is the non-est non-troversy of all time, but because we get very sensitive whenever there’s even a perception that NYU kids are being mocked, we had to put in our two cents.

We have no idea if Dylan Sprouse is a cool guy—although our interview suggests he’s pretty awesome—but the “he works at a cafe” backlash is, well, stupid. Millions of respectable humans have held jobs waiting tables or hosting. And some of them aren’t even former Disney stars!

(Also some tabloid blogs straight-up suck. “Former Disney Star Gets Restaurant Job Because of His Addiction?” That is an awful title for this story—had it not come from the Cafe Mom media empire, we might even be mad. Dude likes video games! You knew that, Cafe Mom Rupert Murdoch.)

Someone on the Internet will probably get outraged that Dylan is working, even though he doesn’t “need” to work. And there’s a rightful place in our cosmology of disdain for the intentional slummers and poverty-chic. Dylan also might want to avoid justifying “working somewhat below the means I’m used to” as a way to socialize. But hosting at a cafe is not a crime, and it’s some elitist bullshit that an NYU student working tables is a story at all. In the Access Hollywood interview, Dylan came off as an earnest, ambitious college kid—he reminded us of our friends. And our friends love to work.

We won’t even start on the millennial catch-22 of “too lazy/too earnest.” Dylan Sprouse doesn’t deserve to be the poster child for his generation—we wouldn’t wish that shit on our worst enemies. To be honest, we just want to leave the kid alone, and wouldn’t have written this post at all if Local weren’t a post short since we were all hungover this weekend.

-Source and Credit: By Ari Lipsitz http://nyulocal.com/on-campus/2013/09/30/yall-lay-off-dylan-sprouses-cafe-job/ No Copyrights Infringement Intended 

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