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Monthly Archives: August 2012

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Hey guys sorry about posting this so late but I had a very busy morning… anyway, here’s another great pic our Sprouselander Elena sent to us so we can share it with everybody here , yeah another lucky fan who met Dylan Sprouse in NYC check it out please comment meantime i’ll keep looking for the best Sprouse Bros pics.

-Source: Thanks to Elena @blablatagada from Twitter


Here’s another very recent Cole Sprouse sighting at NYU he was having dinner and the girl who was sitting on the table next to him took these two pics that by the way are very blurry, but I’m guessing she was pretty nervous but here they are everybody and this was her comment  ” Eating dinner with Cole Sprouse, basically”

-Source: @MargeLovesNerds from Twitter

Looks like people at Washington Square were very lucky to see Dylan and Cole and take pictures with them yesterday is always awesome to see all these Sprouse Fans so happy for meeting our idols. here’s a comment about their lucky encounter:

“Just chilling with an NYU classmate. No Biggie 🙂 With Cole Sprouse at the Park”

-Sources:@YOisCristinax3 from Twitter thanks!

 Hello guys Sprouseland is always worried for every Sprouse Fan safety so I thought, of making this post to help you identify potentially dangerous posers. I really hope this  guide can be useful for all of you because, we know there’s millions of creepy people out there pretending to be your favorite celebrities on social networking sites and we all need to be aware about how to identify them:

1)  Poser are also stalkers that will always try to find all kind of private and personal information about the real celebrity he/she is pretending to be just to make everybody believe he or she is the real thing.

2) A real celebrity almost never put tags all over their pics but posers always do that.

3) A real celebrity barely have time to interact with their fans over the internet because they’re very busy people, unlike posers who are always online talking to fans.

4) A poser who is also a hater can act very rude sometimes, just to make the real celebrity to lose popularity a real celebrity will never say anything inappropiate or insulting to their fans.

5) Never fall for made up stories like “This is my secret account” that’s the most common lie all posers says. 

6) On Twitter to identify a real celebrity account they usually place a BLUE verified  checkmark next to their names not because a Twitter profile have one of these verified symbols means is actually a real verified celebrity. 

7) A poser can make you believe he’s in love with you or with one of their fans and they even ask them to “date” them but think about it…a real celebrity will date a fan over the internet? the answer is no.

8) Fakes are always lonely people rejected by society and pretending to be someone they’re not is their way to feel accepted.  

9) Posers can also be obssesed fans who takes their fanatism way too far to the point of wanting to be their favorite celebrity. 

10) Last and most important tip please be careful unfortunately fans can be an easy target for pedophiles that pretends to be your favorite celebrity to manipulate their victims and make them do what they want. 

I hope this special post works to help every Sprouse fan to feel safe from all these threats remember the internet can be a very useful tool if you’re looking for information, but it can be also very dangerous if we don’t use it with responsability so please, report every suspicious celebrity account you see we all deserve an internet free of posers. 




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