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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Well guys it turned out i had to delete the previous post those Dylan’s pics were private and even thought they were amazing, i cannot post that kind of photos here on Sprouseland so for that, but i keep searching for the nicest Sprouse Twins images for all of you and i found this oldie but goodie of them with a little lucky fan check it out!

I’m sure all of you remember this event our boys attended to about a year ago to raise money and awareness for the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan, a few lucky people were also there, and had the opportunity to catch Dylan and Cole on camera and some of their pics turns out to be hilarious proving how funny The Sprouse Twins can be this is what one of the girl commented about her lucky Sprouse encounter:  “Cole said he loved my Zelda necklace <3 We’re meant to be”

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