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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Dylan and Cole Sprouse better known as “Zack and Cody,” visited Discovery Cove in Orlando this week, where they got up close and personal with a dolphin. The twins teen heartthrobs spent six years on the Disney Channel playing Zack and Cody on “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and “The Suite Life on Deck.” They started in showbiz as babies on “Grace Under Fire.


Hey everyone well it’s time to wish our twin boys Dylan and Cole Sprouse and all of you to have a Happy Halloween 2011 I hope you guys have a lot fun treak or treating with your little brothers or sisters and doing whatever it’s fun to do in Halloween!

-Laura (Sprouseland’s Webmaster)


Hey everybody!!, recently had the opportunity of  having an exclusive and brief conversation with our amazing and talented older twin Dylan Sprouse.  He nicely told us a little bit about, what he’s been up to lately since he became an NYU student and President of Third North Hall and even gave us some info about his art check this out:

-Dylan Sprouse:  

“In regards to general updates about art, I haven’t been doing anything as of late other than general sketches. Which I may or may not link to sprousearts coming up.

I’ve been incredibly busy with schoolwork, and my homework load is vast, though when I have time off, oddly enough, I study more about Cognitive Ethology and the study of Whether or Not animals have minds. It’s been very rewarding. All in all, that’s about it”

More cool Sprouse news will be post soon please stay tuned and thanks for always supporting our Twins actors Dylan and Cole Sprouse see ya!

-Sources: Exclusive Property of  Dylan Sprouse and ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

In this movie our Sprouse boys Dylan and Cole, plays a boy named Justin Carver ,who accidentally sees a man in Santa Claus suit kissing his mother, he innocently thinks that the real Santa wants to replace his father, so he goes to prank-war with him. Pretty fun and nice movie to watch on Holidays with your family.

Now please enjoy these hilarious Sprouse Bloopers on our “Blast From The Past” section!!

As all of you know Cole Mitchell Sprouse, it’s not just an amazing actor but also an excellent photographer this post it’s a reminder for all of you to please keep and eye on his website  Cole have been adding some new and very interesting photos you guys might like to check out and comment plus, you can also purchase some of his work online at 

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