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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Hey everybody, I decided to make this post after reading Cole Sprouse’s most recent tweet about someone trying to HACK his account on Twitter why do this?? check it out:

Alright, so now i’m gonna ask a little question to everybody ¿Do you guys think it’s nice to be so disrespectful? I’m sure your answers will be a big NO.

Since Dylan and Cole made their accounts on Twitter, I’ve seen all kind of bizarre behavior from fans check out the following list:

1) Multiposts (literally hundreds of them) asking to be followed by Dylan and Cole THAT’S CALLED SPAM. Is not nice for them to see their timelines FULL of these “Follow Me” requests over and over and over again.

2)Dylan and Cole’s accounts are EXCLUSIVELY made for Art and Photography unfortunately fans are ignoring Dylan and Cole’s wishes and they keep asking OFF TOPIC questions. No matter how many times the boys ask them not to.

3) Disturbing, Gross and Inappropiate Tweets from male fans seriously what wrong with some people? Do those guys actually thinks Dylan and Cole likes to read so many creepy and disgusting posts about them? NO!!

4) Dylan and Cole have to deal with POSERS, HACKERS ,OBSSESIVE FANS  etc etc every single day!!… The new thing seems to be trying to hack celebrities social accounts and those creepers might think they deserve an “standing ovation” for that but guess what? THEY DON’T They have gone too far already..shame on them!

Ok my point is, if you really care about Dylan and Cole, if you consider yourself as a REAL SPROUSE FAN is not too hard to understand and respect Dylan and Cole’s wishes following their rules. Please be nice and give them a hand to keep their accounts they way they want them to be.

Think about it guys thanks for understanding and help me to pass this message on to everybody 🙂

-Laura (Sprouseland’s Webmaster)

This cute little girl had the opportunity to meet Dylan and Cole last night the boys were amazingly nice and kind and made a video for her little sick buddy Luke.  Check out her “suite” story!

On June 24, 2011, we went into our favorite bowling place. My mom whispered in my ear, “There’s Dylan and Cole.” I looked up and there they were.

WOW! I’ve been watching these guys grow up on TV for years. Suite Life of Zach and Cody, Suite Life on Deck, Suite Life the Movie and even The Prince and The Pauper (Don’t ask) I’ve met lots of stars. I even met Cole once at the Toy Story 3 premiere but it was for a quick second and Dylan wasn’t there. I was so excited to meet them.

My mom teaches special ed kids and has one student named Luke. He’s too sick to come to school. She tutors him at home. He knows we meet stars and even helped him meet Bailee Madison once. He always asks her about the twins. He’s a huge fan. My mom is always saying , “Oh, it’s really hard to meet them.” “They don’t really go to events.” “The show’s over so they are going off to college.”

Well, when she saw them, she got excited for Luke and for me.
She said, “Hey guys, it is so great to see you would you mind a quick picture?” They looked at me and smiled and one of them said, “Well let’s come over here.” So we walked into a little empty lobby area. Then Cole jumps under a stair way as a joke.. like “lets hide under here for our picture”. So my mom tells them about Luke and how he can’t get out and do anything fun or even go to to school. Then she said, “I know it’s a lot to ask but could you do a little video shout out for him?” “It would mean so much” And they were totally fine and cool about it!! They did it in one take and didn’t practice or anything. They are so close, they just finish each others sentences.. They were really funny and sweet. My mom’s iPhone froze up and she was like “sorry, so sorry” Cole said, “Oh don’t worry. It’s fine.” Then we took two pics together and we thanked them. They said “No problem”

Doc Shaw and some other friends were with them and after dinner we passed by and they were having a great time laughing and bowling with friends.

Well I just wanted all their fans to know what great guys they are!!

I hope you liked this blog. My mom and I work hard on them.

I meet stars all the time ..if you want you can follow me on Twitter @alexirob and check out my pics on Flickr and my WordPress blog
thanks for taking time to read this!!

their twitters are:

Cole @theolekingcole

Dylan @sprousearts

-Sources: Thanks to @alexirob and my friend from Twitter Jason @pyrogunner

NOTHING lasts forever and very few things resemble liv­ing life on a cruise. But for the popular The Suite Life fran­chise, forever might just be what they are aiming at.
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody premiered on Disney Channel in March 2005 with four million viewers, with the two characters being the longest-running continuous characters on that channel and making the show’s premiere its most successful.

The series was nominated for an Emmy Award three times and the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award three times.

While the series started off at the Tipton Hotel in Boston, it quickly moved on to a better place – a cruise ship with its spin-off The Suite Life on Deck in 2008.

And come June 25, you’ll get to watch another spin-off product, with The Suite Life Movie at 7.30pm on Disney Channel (Astro 615).

This comedy adventure movie takes place during spring break as Cody gets an opportunity to participate in a prestigious internship programme.

However, when twin brother Zack destroys a billion-dollar scientific equipment, Cody is kicked out of the programme. Soon thereafter, the brothers are approached to join the Gemini Project, a high-tech research centre studying the dynamics between twins.

Shockingly, they find them­selves interconnected in a way they’ve never been before. When one twin experiences a sensation, thought or feeling, the other twin feels it too.

While this newfound revela­tion helps the boys see eye to eye for the first time, it puts them in more danger than they could have imagined.

Reprising their series roles are the twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse as Zack and Cody Martin, along with their com­rades Brenda Song (London Tipton), Debby Ryan (Bailey Pickett), Matthew Timmons (Woody Fink) and Phill Lewis (Mr Moseby).

While the cast enjoy their journey, the excellent banters and of course, the flawless comic timing on screen, things can go quite the opposite di­rection on set in front of a live studio audience.

“We shoot the show in front of a live studio audience, but it doesn’t always go to plan,” said Cole.

“One day, Dylan and I rode out of an elevator on tricycles for the show – but we were much too big for them and I managed to fall off it in front of everyone. They were tiny, rickety tricycles and the audience started to shriek with laughter when I took a tumble.”

Cole admitted that was not his only fall. In fact, he had experienced many. “I had a monumental fall on the set of The Suite Life Movie. There were loads of people on set and I went flying, but everyone cracked into hysterics because I looked so silly. I went bright red and this girl came up to me to see if I was alright. I had to pretend I was fine, but inside I was completely embar­rassed!”

Lucky for Cole, he is not the only clumsy one. His co-star Matthew Timmons shared his story.

“I’m very clumsy. I had a scene on the show where I had to run over to Bailey carrying a big plate of food – but I knew it was always going to end in disaster. Half way through my line, I managed to trip over my own foot and I fell face-for­ward. Food went flying every­where and everyone burst into giggles. Now that I look back on it, it’s pretty funny – but I was so mortified at the time.

“There’s a hilarious scene in the third series of The Suite Life where Dylan throws a bucket of water over Debby, but the filming didn’t go as planned. Dylan said his line and threw the bucket of water, but not one drop of it went on Debby. The entire bucket went all over me and I wasn’t supposed to get wet at all! We had to re-film the scene, but I had to stay out of shot because I didn’t have time to dry off!” Timmons added.

“We shot a lot of The Suite Life Movie outside, which was a lot of fun,” said Debby Ryan.

“When we film the show, we use big microphones in the studio, but on the outside set of the movie, we all had personal microphones stuck to our lapels. I kept forget­ting that people could listen to everything we were saying – even when the cameras weren’t rolling. One day, I was talking to Brenda Song about how one of the microphone operators looked like Leonardo DiCaprio. We both looked over at the guy and he just smiled at us. He could hear everything we were saying. Oops!”

“We all know each other really well on the set now, but line flubs always raise a smile, quipped Cole. “Whenever anyone messes up their lines on the set, it always causes laughter – but it doesn’t hap­pen too often. After all, we’re very professional!”

Do we have to say one more time how proud we are of Dylan and Cole Sprouse? Of course! and because we’re happy that our favorite are twins following their dreams, we feel excited to see this amazing photos taking by some NYU students  check them out and  please leave your comments!

Hey everybody! Our amazing twin brothers are at NYU for Orientation! some of their classmates were lucky and took a couple of pictures of the at the cafeteria. From we’d like to say Dylan and Cole WE’RE SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS!!

-Source: Thanks to @dperel95 (on Twitter) wishes a “Happy Father’s Day” to Dylan and Cole’s father Mr. Matthew Sprouse, and to all those AMAZING dads around the world; hoping they have a great time today, with their sons and daugthers. I also would like to include, my own dad in this to wish him the best “I love you daddy get well soon!!.

-Laura (Sprouseland’s Webmaster)

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