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Monthly Archives: May 2009

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Set sail for fun and adventure with Zack and Cody in THE SUITE LIFE ON DECK: ANCHORS AWAY! The guys are somewhat more mature, but that doesn’t stop them from pulling high-seas high jinks in four outrageously funny episodes from the smash-hit Disney Channel original series! Plus, this DVD includes the two-part pilot episode, bonus episodes, cast interviews and more!

The coolest twins on TV (Cole and Dylan Sprouse) are still living the “sweet life,” though now they’ve checked out of the Tipton Hotel and moved aboard a luxury cruise ship, the SS TIPTON. While juggling the ups and downs of Seven Seas High School and their jobs on the ship, the guys hang out with the crew (including Brenda Song as London and introducing Debby Ryan as Bailey) or pursue their latest crushes (Cody goes overboard trying to impress Bailey and Zack woos a beautiful first class passenger). And life gets really exciting when their pal Maddie (Ashley Tisdale) makes a surprise visit and wins the heart of a prince!!


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Thanks to Sofia Alvarado for the DVD pic.

Hey everybody!! This is a hilarious “Old but Fun” bloopers from season 1 of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” it’s always nice to remember the funniest moments of TSL haha well guys see ya all soon I’ll keep updating Sprouseland and adding the coolest stuff about our favorite twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse!!
meanwhile enjoy and leave you comments about these funny “Suite” clips 🙂



-It was announced earlier this month that Disney’s “Suite Life On Deck’s” second season was extended and that the new season would introduce a new character, Marcus. Marcus is being played by Doc Shaw (Pictured above with Dylan & Cole Sprouse), who also stars on TBS’ “House of Payne” as Malik. We had the chance to see a taping of a show for the second season, and Doc does a great job and fits in nicely with the cast and the show. We think you’ll like him. Are you excited for the new season of “Suite Life On Deck”?



In a message dated 5/26/2009 at 10:54 a.m. Dylan Sprouse posted a message on his official website stating that an impostor portraying himself will pay, legally. was a website created by a “stalker” only identified as “Jacen Darkwood”. The real brothers brain stormed on set while taping an episode of “The Suite Life on Deck”, and came up with a solution to their “poser” problem by involving their lawyers.

When Infectious Radio contacted the lawyers representing Matthew Sprouse (The father of the Sprouse twins), no comment could be made at that time.




Hey guys Dylan posted a very important message about posers read carefully please; posing celebrities it’s ILLEGAL!! whenever you see or talk to someone you suspect it is a poser report it!! send a message to Dylan and Cole on their Real Official Website WWW.SPROUSEBROS.COM and let them know about it let’s try to stick together to get rid of posers and remember dont get fooled by them!!

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