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Monthly Archives: May 2008


As all of you know Cole and Dylan are taping “The Suite Life on Deck Eight” this is their new show after finishing filming ” The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” there’s been some rumors their new show will be premiering in september ( ‘we`re not sure about this info yet, though). But the boys have 2 movies coming up one of them it’s already available on DVD (The Prince and the Pauper) Here’s a quote Dylan said: “We have a couple of films coming up. One that might be a feature release. It’s called ‘The Kings of Appletown’ and it’s a Bobby Moresco production. Dylan also added: “And we’re in the works for another movie, the ‘Untitled Sprouse Brothers Project.'”

Theres a lot of great and exciting news dont forget “The Disney Channel Games 2008” are premiering really soon!! I`ll keep you guys update as soon as I get more information.


Hey Everybody I`d like to tell you one more time this is a fan site WE’RE NOT COLE AND DYLAN SPROUSE the reason that I am telling you guys this AGAIN it’s cause most of the fans who come to this site are confused. This is a fan site I created as a way to promote Dylan and Cole’s careers and for their fans to have another source of information about them.

I also want to say thank you so much for all the nice comments about Sprouseland and if your comments hasn`t been post yet we`re sorry guys it`s cause we really get so many and we can`t approve all of them at the same time. But your comments will be eventually post soon.

Another thing i`d like to tell you some people gets on this site claimimg to be Dylan and Cole well remember theres thousands of POSERS all over the internet and it`s really confusing so please be carefull AND THIS IS A WARNING FOR POSERS: IF SOMEBODY IS POSING DYLAN AND COLE ON HERE WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE CAUSE THEIR IP ADRESSES ARE THE SAME ONES EVEN SO IF YOU CHANGE YOUR NAMES SO YOU BETTER DONT DO IT PLEASE. All the official informations about the Real Cole and Dylan Sprouse you can find it on:




Or on Cole and Dylan`s official MySpaces:

The Comments on this site are moderate by the admistrator please be patient if your comments takes a little longer get post. Dylan and Cole`s fans are always welcome to keep enjoying the information and pics on Thank you guys for your support.

Now please enjoy the pic 🙂


Heres the official List for the Disney Channel Games 2008!! Cole and Dylan participated here`s another pic of the boys on the Red Carpet.

The Comets (Yellow team): Kunal Sharma, KYLE MASSEY, KEVIN JONAS, Andrea Guasch, SELENA GOMEZ, Chun-Yi Chou, Sabrina Bryan, Martin Barlan, Moises Arias.

The Ligthings (Blue Team): Williams Keiley, Alyson Stoner, COLE SPROUSE, Isabella Soric, DEMI LOVATO, Shin Koyamada, Roger González, Roshon Fegan, Farez Muhammad Bin Juraimi

The Cyclones (Green Team): Maria Clara Alonso, JASON DOLLEY, DAVID HENRIE, JOE JONAS, Brad Kavanagh, Ambra Lo Faro, DYLAN SPROUSE, Chelsea Staub, Jennifer Stone

The Inferno (RED): Deniz Akdeniz, JAKE T AUSTIN, Adrienne Bailon, Rafael Baronesi, Jason Earles, NICK JONAS, MITCHEL MUSSO, Anna Maria PDT, Jasmine Richards, BRENDA SONG

i`ll keep you guys update as soon as I get more information about it so stick around 🙂


Dylan Sprouse, one of the stars of The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody, has revealed his dedication to acting.

“I’m working towards something but I’m not working towards something superficial. There are people who work towards acting because they want to get famous. I work towards acting because I love acting,” said Dylan, who stars with his identical twin brother on the Disney Channel show.

“So if famous comes along with it, then all right, I’ll grab it by the horns, and maybe ride it a little bit through the streets of Italy.”

The 15-year-old admitted that passion ensures he stays down-to-earth and not carried away by the fame and success.

“What keeps me grounded is that it’s fun but you have to know it’s just a job,” he continued.

Dylan added: “I’ll keep acting until I feel like it. I mean I’m not tired of it yet so we’ll see what happens.”



Dylan and Cole arrived to the Disney Channel Games in Florida a few days ago this year the boys are in differents teams too. Dylan its in green team ” The Cyclones” and Cole repeats this year again in blue team ” The Lightings” at the moment I dont have information about the other teams but I`ll keep adding news and pics soon this week. Now enjoy this pic 😀 hope u guys likes it.

By the way I think it is important for all of you to reamind you this is a “Fan Site” we`re Not Dylan and Cole Sprouse. Just in case u guys forgot about it. thanks for all the nice comments they`ll be approve soon.

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