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New York in Winter, Snow Sledding in Central Park

Photos by KIKE CALVO in response to Cole Sprouse post on Camera Duels on Instagram. To understand this post, visit @camera_duels by @olekingcolesprouse on Instagram.

The Art of Photo Dueling is not an easy one, I have recently learned. I did not know who Cole Sprouse, Doug Brochu or Beatrix Ox were when I captured these random photos during the winter storm Juno in Central Park. I didn’t know I was taking part in a duel either, but I was and it was fun. It was Doug’s handmade cloak (@dugyfresh on Instagram) that first captured my attention. But then it was the fact that they were having such a blast, among children, gliding down the white slopes on their sleights that made want to stop and photograph the scene. I did not notice they were also photographing me.

So that was our duel. My approach after the “unaware” photo duel was simple. We laid down our cameras, shared a few thoughts and wished one another good luck on our future endeavors.


Cole’s Instagram @camera_duels concept is great. When someone recognizes him for his acting career and tries to take a quick picture of him, he triggers first and posts the images in his Instagram with a witty insight on the situation.

So duelers, when you take your camera or phone and feel ready to trigger the now digital shutters, stop, think, breathe and decide: is it better to capture a fly-by shot or smile and try to strike a conversation instead? Maybe try both.

It was great to connect with Cole. I am sure he will turn into a great archaeologist, photographer and adventurer.


-Source:  and do not own any of these pictures all credit goes to National Geographic professional photographer Kike Calvo No Copyrights Infringement Intended.




A nice afternoon as the only people sledding over 10yo, when, like an unholy din, a red menace washed over the pale white snow, camera in hand. I was a bull driven mad by rouge, and I knew…duel was on. Poor humble Douglas was caught in the crossfire, but friends die all the time in the game of war. It was only after the duel had ended, and the bodies of hundreds of Central Park children lay all around us that I noticed the man wore a#NationalGeographic emblem on his coat. He was a professional.
Used to shooting #wildbeasts, my mannerisms must have been familiar to him. And the look of determination in his eye was characteristic of a man who had seen both fear and wonder. We talked after the fight, as duelist’s often do, and both held a mutual respect.

He was @kikeo, check out his side of the story. #PoorDouglas #PhotoShootoff#Protographer #DuelingInTheBigLeagues#DaddyNeedsANewPairOfShoes

-Source: All credit goes to Cole Sprouse  No Copyrights Infringement Intended.


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